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Click on the "Donate Credits" button above to Tribute me.


Tribute your Goddess


So you want to buy me some more latex? More fun toys to use on my subbies? To buy me a meal at a nice restaurant? Or maybe you just want to tribute me for the simple satisfaction of doing something nice for me.


Cum Tax


Have you been wanking over my pictures or wanking when I have told you not to? Or even had a spontanious wet dream? Well you had better pay to make up for it then hadn't you! Minimum £20 if we have no previously agreed another amount.


Financial slavery or paypigs


First you must see me for a webcam session in order to show me that you are serious. From there we will discuss your particular financial fetish, and how it manifests itself. There are alot of different ways in which financial subs and paypigs submit.


Adopt a Bill


RENT = £500 per month

ENERGY BILLS = £100 per month

COUNCIL TAX = £95 per month

WATER = £50 per month

FOOD = £125 per month

MAKEUP = £75 per month


Donate to my House Fund


I am currently saving up to buy a house where I will have a dedicated area to build my Dungeon. It will take me a while, but I will get there in the end. Would you like to speed up this process? Then you may tribute me above and get me into my dream dungeon sooner!