Do I have to sign up to anything to use the features on this site?


Yes. You will need to choose a username and password in order to sign up. You will also have to use a credit/debit card to purchase credits that you can then use to spend on the site.


Do you work alone?


Most of the time, yes. However, occasionally I will include one of my subbies in shows. For details on when I will have others joining me on cam you will be able to see my Twitter feed HERE


Will you get naked in a webcam show for me?


Yes, but only within the context of our session. I do not do vanilla shows.

Can I use Paypal/Amazon giftcards/alternate payment method?




Can I dominate you?




Will you do a vanilla show for me?




Can I get a refund?


If I have completed a session with you, then NO.

If the session happened via my webcam/phone chat button then NO.

If you have booked a webcam sessions with me, and you have been unable to join me for the session on time, or you have had a problem your end with completing the session, then NO. But I will consider rescheduelling the session if you contact me.

If you have booked a webcam session with me and I have been unable to complete the session, then YES.

If you have bought something physical from me, then there is a no refund policy unless I have been unable to complete the order due to problems my end.

Tributes are non-refundable.