Custom Movies And Picture Sets

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Would you like to have a video clip dedicated especially to you and your own fetishes? Or maybe even a photoset of me wearing some of your favourite outfits? Read below for more information. BEFORE purchasing, please read the instructions at the bottom outlining the procedure to go through in order to purchase the items.

Custom Video

Custom movies are tailored to your own fetishes and kinks. You would email me details of your fetishes, and what you would want included in the movie, and I would then use a high definition camera to record the clip. I have a range of clothing and equipment that I can wear or show off in the video for you.

The fee for custom Videos is 7 Credits per minute. This may vary depending on what is required of the video.

Custom Picture Set

Within a custom picture set, I will wear clothing that you will prefer and include any equipment and fetishes that you would like. I have a professional photographer that takes my pictures, and we will often shoot these pictures on location instead of in a photostudio. The images will be high definition.

The fee for custom picture sets is 160 Credits. This may vary depending upon what is required of the set.

How Do I Purchase A Custom Movie or Picture Set?

In order to purchase either of these items, you will need to follow the below steps:

1. Use the "Order Now" button above, to send me details of what you would like included within the movie/picture set. I will also need to know the duration (movie) and your nickname (that you signed up under). If you do not send me your nickname correctly then I will be unable to confirm payment.

2. Once I have reviewed your request, I will reply to you confirming the request and the fee payable, along with a link to the payments page.

3. You then use this to send full payment.

4.Once I have confirmed payment, I will proceed with creating the movie or picture set.

How do I recieve the images/movie?

Once your movie or picture set is completed I will email you with either a link, where you will be able to download the media, or I will email the media to you as an attachment in the email. The method will depend upon the size of the media.