Submissives Make Great Dommes



I know that switching isn't for everyone, but I always recommend at least giving it a go.


I also know that switches are very misunderstood and there is even a bit of a stigma attached to those that are switch. Quite a few people within the scene are very judgemental of switches and say some really dumb things! My personal favourite phrase (which, incidentally, is also used to demean or put others down for their own sexual desires/roles.) happens to be, “you are not a real Domme/sub because you.... are switch/ don't enjoy pain/ don't this/ do that thing that I really want to imagine you doing right now”. This simple, and quite destructive, phrase has had me walking away, making myself a stiff drink and left me shaking my head at the pure ignorance of the comment made. Dumbfounded is a word that comes to mind.


Now, my dear friend, I can tell you now that these types of comments are absolute bollocks! And quite frankly, Fuck'em!

I shall go into more detail of misconceptions and these demeaning ways in a future blog.


Today I want to tell you about why I think that being a well practised submissive can make a person such a brilliant Domme.


Quite simply put, a submissive makes a great Domme because they know and understand what it feels like. A submissive person will have felt that sweet soul consuming pain, humiliation, or constriction imposed upon them by their own or various Dommes. They also know how it feels to receive pain/humiliation/ constriction etc., when they're just not in the right space. Pain, for example, can be all consuming making you wish and beg for more, or it can just be OUCH!

A submissive understands how a sub drop feels, and what type of activities or emotions brings on a sub drop for them.


It's a submissives experiences which gives them such a deep insight into how other submissives feel. This understanding promotes empathy and care towards their own potential submissive. Having empathy and caring for your sub is, after all, very important and key to a good sub/Domme relationship.


A submissives knowledge and understanding also makes domming oooh so much more fun and exciting!


I myself am switch. I started off only submissive, and one day I pulled on a strapon for the first time in my life. Moments later I have that beautiful phallic piece of silicone, deep inside a man's ass, while I pounded him hard and fast. It was, and still is, the most amazing and empowering feeling I could ever have had as a Domme!


And do you know what the best part of it is???? …...... Is it wearing that strapon and feeling it as though it is my own cock? No, that is indeed an amazing feeling but it isn't quite the best..... Is it pounding a little sluts ass who is utterly at my mercy? Once again, no. As before that is an epic sexy feeling, but still not the best.... The best part is knowing how every stroke feels to my sub. I know how it feels for him/her when my cock slides into them, I know how it feels when I fuck them hard, soft, fast or hard and fast. THAT is the best feeling. That is what turns me on. And that feeling of knowing extends to most of the other activities me and my subs indulge in. I LOVE it!


One day I wish to explore into this concept that has served me so well with a sub of my own. I want to walk along side a sub of my own as they too explore the world of being dominant. I want to help them explore this world and their own selves, while seeing them discover those feelings that I myself discovered years ago.


There is one sub that I know of, although this beautiful gem of a sexy trans girl is not my own, that I believe would truly make a spectacular Domme. If distance were not so much of an issue then she would already have been a part of my collection, and she would also be joining me as a Domme to my other submissives.


She has already had a pretty amazing journey as a submissive and I believe her journey into the world of Domme would be be just as amazing.


If any of you would like to check out this little gem I speak of then take a look at her twitter (@JessicaDee25 ) and keep an eye out for her blog. I really am very fond of her and I believe that a lot of you will become so too.


So to all you kinky submissives out there, give domming a bit of a go. You never know, you may find you have a dominant side hidden inside of you. And after all, I believe that subs really can make amazing Dommes!